After three years of using Wordpress as my underlaying blog software, I decided it was time to move my blogging to a service less extensive. After some research I decided to give Jekyll a try as more and more people in my Twitter stream seem to use it.

What is Jekyll

Jekyll is an open-source software solution to create static web content by parsing e.g. markdown files inside a file system’s directory. It runs on your local machine and can deploy the static sites to Github Pages. Originally developed to power Github Pages it is available to everyone and a great tool to create micro-blogs, that actually don’t need all the Wordpress/Plugin/Themes/etc. overhead.

Jekyll Github Pages Pricing?



As easy as installing another Ruby gem gem install jekyll Playing around with it is highly recommended. It’s really fun with very fast results.

Configuration, Templates, Deployment

All of this is described here. It will take me another couple of days to finish migrating but I’m really excited to let you know once I hit the deploy button. Writing more regularly was one of my New Year’s resolutions.